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Reader works as a make up assistant on set, matthew and reader go on a lunch date, listen to music, fall in love, they plan a date night ( chapter 2 ) and possibly some very adult play time activities (chapter 3) Stephanie Wright is headed to the bright lights of LA to start a new life.But will she be able to run away from her past completely and what happens when a childhood friend comes back into her life, one she wasn't expecting or prepared for.I had the opportunity to meet with Bates after the premiere to discuss I was very happy. I had to go outside and check it out, because I was having an anxiety attack. What I have to do − what I put a ton of work into − is keeping that vision the same throughout. I think film is going in this direction, and I think that most films, one day, will be like this, with a little influence from everything. I wouldn't say that doing it one way is better than doing it another way. The idea is just to have your heart on your sleeve, bring an authenticity, and be so genuine, pure and innocent about it. A dude jerking off made sense to me while being in middle school. The characters are larger than life, but you can still relate to every one of them. There are so many more things we can do with film that we haven't even tried yet. Whatever you want to call it, I guess it's a mash-up of other genres. It's easier for me to do darker material when I'm happy. If you enjoyed you would get a real kick out of a gag reel. It's my job to make it tight for pacing, but it kills you to cut scenes. When you make independent films, you're not doing it for the money. The viewers enjoyed having the opportunity to mingle with you and the cast after the premiere and find out about the process of making which is a great thing about attending movie festivals. If you're going to work with a lot of genre, you have to keep the tone. There is no "better." It's what I like, and at the end of the day, all I can really do is make films that I would want to see. I just make them for myself, and I have to trust that there is a bunch of other people like me out there who will watch it; enough of them that I'll be able to have another one made. I didn't have a girlfriend going through middle school. They're all endearing in some way, even the father. So I really wanted everyone to be his or her own character. To some degree I made it because this is the kind of movie I wish we had when I was in high school. I don't think anything should just be about one thing. There are a lot of movies out there where a teenager interrupts his parents' intimacy. I have had a few meetings, but I've never been able to presale some scripts. Spencer Reid, who consistently stops serial killers, but maybe that was the point.In what might just be my favorite role of his, Matthew plays a ghost hunting man who returns home to live with his parents in "Suburban Gothic." This film is a wonderful blend of comedy, horror, and romance between Gubler's character Raymond and his childhood acquaintance Becca, played masterfully by Kat Dennings.He appears in "Life After Beth" (which I discussed in this article) as Dane Dehaan's older brother and zombie-hunting security officer, Kyle.In the film, he must convince his brother that his zombie girlfriend is actually dangerous while simultaneously defending their neighborhood from the other zombies of loved ones who have recently come back to life.

So it becomes this kind of mission to do the same for someone else, for another kid. Let's say you're listening to a rock album, for example. It's very important, but I'm not too precious about it. Do you see this type of movie, this approach, as becoming something of a trend? offers a very special take on that nightmarish teen experience, and Ray Wise's line in that scene...

Pisces Las Vegas, Nevada, United States For high school education, Matthew went to the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Visual and Performing Arts from where he graduated with major in acting.

Then, he got enrolled at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Chris meets a woman when he is down as far as he can go, she changes his life.

He brings her into the group, but will she fit in or blow it all apart?

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When I think of my ideal audience for and really any [other of my movies], I think of a middle school audience, because there are kids that need help. I'm really trying to make movies for teenagers, giving them that experience and possibly some sort of positive message about being themselves. When I interviewed Ray Wise, we talked about other supernatural horror comedies, and there are not that many out there. I think that the fans of that music − or of most music − want variety. I let [the actors] bring their own stuff to the table. I'm really confused because it's all I've ever done. I can only imagine how much fun it must have been to come up with it.

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