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He does, however, make up for it by being very talented in areas such as basketball, football, and drumming.Initially, he comes off as the stereotypical, popular, pretty boy athlete, later on he has become more compassionate, he still has a habit of abandoning others the moment things become difficult for him.

A construction worker gives new meaning to the term "love hurts." 22 April 2015A woman refuses to accept that her recent ex is terrorizing her.The cover shows a reconstruction of Saccorhytus coronarius, a newly identified deuterostome dating back to the earliest Cambrian period in China.Deuterostomes constitute an array of organisms as varied as vertebrates, starfish, acorn worms and tunicates. Fiona shows up to Lovers Lunch with Adam, Eli and Clare drunk and when Adam asks if she's drinking because of him, she hesitates. tells Adam she has a problem drinking, he refuses to believe it until he shows up at her condo and she's laying on the couch wasted. Fiona gets her hopes up thinking Charlie is single, but Charlie introduces her girlfriend at an art show. Emma smokes pot with her new friends earning her the nickname "Blaze." Emma decides to make weed brownies for the floor Olympics.She later goes out and buys a bottle but Charlie takes it from her. and Chantay have their own pre-prom, Fiona confesses she drank. Miles starts a rumor that there were drugs in Zig's locker, which could lead to a suspension or expulsion for Zig, but no drugs were found.

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A fight breaks out during a school basketball game involving Manny, Mia, Darcy, J. This is the start of the Degrassi vs Lakehurst rivalry. Spinner punches Johnny in the face when he catches Johnny taunting Toby. Later, Miles brings a fake gun to the school and points it at Zig's head. Clare runs away from home to escape her step-brother (and now ex-boyfriend) after the break-up, but finds out her new hosts are drug dealers.

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