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But considering how often Paizo has broken with the norm with their NPCs and iconics already, I have faith this won't be the case.

Oh, and along the lines of the OP's last question: In Sandpoint there's a family known for sticking to old Chelish values and are known to frown upon the local gay couple that everyone else seems not to mind.

Are these highly conservative Chelish views a product of Cheliax pre-diabolism, post-diabolism, or both?

Will of the Alpha is an exploration into the darker side of the bedroom, and each of these stories takes you a step farther down that shadowy road. A leather collar, a little bondage, some light flogging... but they won’t hold back for long and they brought a lot of toys with them. Each story in the book is a little darker than the last and at some point you may have to stop. Will of the Alpha is an anthology for an adult audience only and includes stories and poems by Kandrel, Ashe, Ianus J Wolf, Mangi, Sparf, Rechan, Elijah Lapso, Tarl "Voice" Hoch, Nathan Cowan, Whyte Yoté, and H. Overall a very well-done collection with a good standard of quality for the short stories that comprise this work.However it seems to me that Paizo has fallen into the trap of only making female gay characters. (They are relatively minor NPCs however...) I guess you could say Cot CT does play a bit into the Psycho Lesbian trope though.Not that there's anything wrong with it turning up, it's just that you don't want it to be the sole(or primary) representation of a group.That said, this is a worthwhile read in every respect.I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 solely because the artwork is inconsistent."Will of the Alpha" is a collection of furry short stories (with two poetic interludes) focused around BDSM.

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