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These sites and apps may have come a long way since kicked off online dating in 1995, but studies are showing that there's still plenty of reasons to look away from your smartphones and try to meet people the old-fashioned way.Here, we've rounded up a few kew drawbacks of online dating that might make you want to put more effort into meeting someone IRL.In one anonymous response, a participant wrote: “I tried to stop but neither ‘of us could, it would start again and since so easy, with all the technology we carry around it was an amazingly comforting and sexy thing to have.And another woman at the receiving end of internet infidelity said: “I have a deep mistrust in the internet, and feel it massively facilitates infidelity.

Another downside to dating sites is shaky matchmaking tools.

The research revealed grey areas among couples over how they define infidelity online, gender differences in perceptions of infidelity, with women seeing more internet activities as infidelity, and perceiving them as more distressing and evidence that online infidelity can be addictive.

Unlike most prior research in the area, the study recruited people who had experienced internet infidelity – either having engaged in it themselves or having found out that their partner had indulged.

Ironically, the craving for more and better human connections leads us to simplify and commoditize each other.: For all of its downsides, online dating obviously has its benefits.

"I think the kind of response you get dating online does come as a bit of a reality check, and that can be a little difficult to take," Gutierrez said, a process that's made him "more level headed and patient with others.""It's a good way to meet people," Seidman said.

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