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Tyrannosaurus had a much wider range than other tyrannosaurids.

Fossils are found in a variety of rock formations dating to the Maastrichtian age of the upper Cretaceous Period, 68 to 66 million years ago.

Already weary from such a grueling expedition, two days later who else would also be crazy enough to start a six day stretch of racing events while simultaneously logging 40 hours with one's employer?

The station is owned by the Fox Television Stations division of 21st Century Fox, and operates as part of a television duopoly with Gary, Indiana-licensed CW-affiliated/My Network TV owned-and-operated station WPWR-TV (channel 50).As I continue to burn the candle at both ends, my biggest fears regarding this series, for when I am not on vacation, have always revolved around the possibility of late nights during mid-week programs and the exhaustion that ensues for weeks afterwards.Even on the most efficient evenings, the fact of the matter is that sprint and midget doubleheaders simply take a long time to complete and any additional class of cars are completely unnecessary, especially in the first few shows when car counts are highest.#1000 - Racer/joker Eddie Sachs, atop the Ray Brady Special at Indy in 1956, said, In 1954 I returned to the track and failed my drivers test.I became the first man in the history of the Indianapolis Speedway to fail his test twice.

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