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I have used this as a pre-writing activity focusing on the use of restrictive and non-restrictive clauses. The above downloadable printable is a great resource for business/professional students, high school students and adults at Upper-intermediate (B2) and Advanced (C1) level.

It is valuable for revising Relative clauses in English, and can be used for honing your students' Speaking and Writing skills.

As far as I’m concerned, interactive communication is what leads our students to be able to form bonds with others in their second language.

This ability to form a relationship and effectively communicate with another person through conversation requires a range of skills, including suggesting, developing topics, questioning, listening to and linking information, collaborating and negotiating outcome.

Now, teachers are doing more than just using novels as supplementals – they are thoroughly integrating them into their classrooms.

You take the book, flip it over, read the back, become bored, and toss it into your backpack.

The packet of questions that gets passed your way next gets shoved into a folder.

Students will then create a character for themselves and take part in a speed dating role play, as well as deciding how important love is in our lives.

Fun conversational-whole class role-play activity appropriate for young-mature adults who have experience dating.

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