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When he was 13, he learned about his father and tried to locate him when he was 16 only to learn that his father had passed away a year earlier. He was six years older than her and passed away in 2013. Two of her grandchildren, a 22-year-old and a 17-year-old, live with her and Gary. We have a lot in common obviously." Though they have an age difference of 53 years, the Hardwicks say they share many of the same interests.Gary said he's always been attracted to older women. "It's good," said Gary, describing his relationship with the grandchildren. They both enjoy traveling, watching movies, singing and cooking together and sharing different types of music with each other.The only thing left was for Allie James to suck on that huge black cock while her cuckold looked on like a good little boy (emphasis on little).Allie's mouth wrapped around as much of Shane's black cock as she could dish out.Gary, 18, and Almeda Hardwick, 71, of Sevierville weren't looking for love when they saw each other at the funeral of Almeda's son in June 2015, but that's exactly what they found with each other months later. His aunt Lisa Harrell, who was married to Robert, reintroduced him to Almeda after he had ended his other relationship. "I had prayed about my soul mate for like two years, so, you know, I was lonely," said Almeda. Our family and friends support us." The Hardwicks say they weren't worried about their age difference when they began their relationship, that it didn't bother them then, and it doesn't bother them now.Gary, who's always been attracted to older women, was still in a troubled relationship with a 77-year-old woman and depressed. "I had no one, so God sent him to me." "When I looked into her eyes I knew it," he said. Gary, an author and songwriter, grew up in Maryville and lived with his mom, grandmother, grandfather and two aunts. It's just my attraction, my preference I guess," he said.

One of the only studies I could find on the topic, "Older Women/Younger Men: A Look at the Implications of Age Difference in Marriage" notes in its abstract (ah, the frustrations of journal paywalls): "While there is a lot of information in the literature about men who date and marry younger women, the research on this subject is very limited or outdated." What the researchers did find in their interviews with eight married couples with wives at least 10 years older than their husbands echoed part of the You Tube commentor's query: the men especially enjoyed the women's maturity and confidence, while the women appreciated the younger guys' vitality.

Shane Diesel and Allie James spoke down to the cuckold before turning their sights on each other.

Allie's cuckold wore his male chastity device as she worshipped Shane's massive meat.

Once I mentally moved along from the odd fact I now fall into 22-year-old guys' idea of "old," I advised him to ignore his pals.

Dating an older woman isn't weird at all -- it's simply not as common.

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